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Old & New World get together thanx to Maths!

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European and American share prestigious maths prize The Abel Prize

Are you a Pythagorean OR-er?

On September 7, 2007, Posted by , In maths,operations research, With No Comments

That’s an easy question?, so let’s found an easy answer. Then: ARE YOU A PYTHAGOREAN OR-ER?, or you think maths won’t solve everything?; do you believe in the mighty power of maths?, or you think sometimes are flawed?; and so on, and on, and on… Now, seriously: I don’t believe…

Hit Predictor

Yesterday I was talking to my friend and colleague Pau Rausell-Köster, from the Research Unit in Cultural Economics (Universitat de València), about the Netflix Prize. We were discussing about the foundations of taste and preferences, and how it was quite difficult to, by means of a devil reductionism, create a…