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Hard to be an OR-er

  I did previously talked about how hard was to be an economist, but trust me, it’s even harder to be an Operations Researcher. Sometimes I even feel like Don Quixote, trying to explain even to other consultants how OR can

2010, not 2012 [insert scary face here]

  This year we’re leaving (or, rephrasing, that is leaving us) is more than a dying year, is the end of a decade. Actually, I’d say is not dying but ‘leaving to a better life’. Last century we had to

VPOL or Faulty Brain?

  "Sometimes I think a Virtual Personal Optimisation Layer acting in our life would improve our lives. Then I recall BRAIN should act like this… What the heck! Brain is faulty!" Me (Now)     Interesting: Neuroeconomics at MIT. Interesting