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Researching again!

On September 12, 2013, Posted by , In me,operations research, With No Comments

These last weeks I just realised my research hunger was coming back so as I inaugurated my new office (I’m a permanent lecturer now), I decided to kick-off my research activities and start the gathering of new ideas. Don’t get rusty Francisco! I don’t like my workstation, though. It’s one…

The dice is rolling

Don’t, this is not a probability post where I shall be explaining the odds of getting one of the faces of the dice… and where I could consider that the odds might be constrained by the fact a good thrower could adjust them. Let me know your views in the…

Promising new 2013

Although the economy is still in a difficult situation and I don’t dare to predict or forecast how it’ll be for 2013, I already know that for me, as an OR-er will be a promising year. During these years I have been nurturing leads and building my reputation and skills:…