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VPOL or Faulty Brain?

  "Sometimes I think a Virtual Personal Optimisation Layer acting in our life would improve our lives. Then I recall BRAIN should act like this… What the heck! Brain is faulty!" Me (Now)     Interesting: Neuroeconomics at MIT. Interesting

Hotelling’s Rule & Your Life

  This month I happened to lecture about a basic management model for non-renewable resources, what is known as the Hotelling’s Rule (not to confuse with Hotelling’s Law). Driving my car (you’ll probably find more posts which have been conceived

Does the other way round apply?

We always have heard that education will make us free, will freedom make us educated?. Not necessarily; however, reading the interview to Bakary Diallo (Rector of the African Virtual University) on the first issue of ‘Walk In’ (UOC, Catalonian Open