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FTSE100 and social media

On January 15, 2014, Posted by , In social media,statistics, With 1 Comment

I was reading Sociagility report ‘Social Media in The City’ and I couldn’t help it: I needed to get the data and perform the analysis they suggest have been done. Let me summarise it. Basically, by means of a proprietary methodology called PRINTâ„¢, a series of social media performance indicators…

The dice is rolling

Don’t, this is not a probability post where I shall be explaining the odds of getting one of the faces of the dice… and where I could consider that the odds might be constrained by the fact a good thrower could adjust them. Let me know your views in the…

Instant Forecast

On August 17, 2011, Posted by , In finances,Google,internet,statistics, With No Comments

Now that Google has made us used to everything 'instant' (I don't even like instant coffee) we know anyone with a SOA algorithm and piece of hardware/software should be able to instantly predict. And I thought that 'nowcasting' was too shorter term! Not to mention that one shouldn't be confusing…